Personal Coaching


How You Can Hire Me to Help You Scale Your Business, Break Through The Noise, Earn More Revenue, And Finally Grow Your Business to its Fullest Potential.

12 Month Private Coaching with Ken Johnson, for those businesses who are serious about integrating a system, building culture, and winning teams.

Is a Domination Year right for you?

From time to time, I accept new private coaching clients. If we’re a good fit and I see that I can help you then I’ll invite you to coach with me for a year. I can train and certify members of your team, and they can train your organization. This oftentimes makes sense for larger clients with dedicated training resources. But is also for small and midsize level businesses who realize that they’re not tapping into their full market/income potential and want to build an existence with ongoing performance.

The Certification Course is dedicated to improving your knowledge of the training content and facilitation skills. You will get the tools to stimulate conversation and help others generate exceptional performance across your organization.

How does the Domination Year Work? 

Our first step is a discover call to help me fact find and quickly get me caught up on your business and its structure. Then we’ll set a date to meet in person for your first of two coaching sessions with me at your HQ or by me here in Nuremberg Germany.

Throughout the 12 months we’ll have monthly one on one virtually check-ins and coaching sessions to give you specific action steps, accountability and to drive execution forward for planned and unplanned conversations. We’ll meet again in person at month six for your second private coaching session with me. For the remainder of the year, we’ll continue to work together for via phone and email communication making sure that you and your team are implementing and executing the game plan we’ve set forth.

How I help you:

Ken works with your organization, managers, coaches, and teams to teach the Factor of FocusUp, guiding clients through the implementation process.

I believe in practicing what you preach and that no one does anything great alone, which is why I continue to invest in businesses, people and teams across multiple industries that have the potential for more, and the work ethic.

It’s safe to say that I’m the real deal. Ken has led and managed some of the biggest companies in Germany, and a business is as good as its leadership. That’s not overstatement that’s reality, and that’s why I’ve had the privilege of working with many of today’s top thought leaders, high net worth organizations that have hired me to help them quickly build a culture of ownership and leadership of response for the results you want.

Is this right for you?

Make no mistake about it, I’m going to dive deep into your business and undercover the limiting factors that are causing underperformance in your business. We’ll also uncover the factors that are neutering your growth potential so that we fix the problems and focus on making a bigger impact in your market, in the team performance, building your business, people and teams to its fullest potential.

Getting the right response out of the right people at the right time is the timeless challenge of leadership and business. 

How you can apply:

Contact Me at FocusUp. This is hands-on and proven to scale your business and multiply your income and team performance in just 12 months. Only apply if you’re ready to do the work.

I look forward to our conversation together.