Personal Coaching


Powerful, Insightful Sessions, to push you and your company to New heights, Set Unique Goals, Identify Barriers, Pinpoint Needs, Create Vision.

The most pressing questions managers everywhere struggle with is this: How do I motivate and inspire my team to be their best? getting the right responses out of the people at the right time is the timeless challenge of leadership and business. 

Leading others begins with learning how to lead yourself. Ken shows your managers how to activate the factor within themselves first, so productivity, action, and accomplishments flow naturally, learning how to ignite a chain reaction not only to influence their teams, but also their family, and people around them, creating a meaningful purpose.

You can hire me to train your managers and certify members of your capable team so they can train your organization, a technique that allows your leaders to operate with the guidance that the system provides helping individuals and teams to their fullest potential.

The Factor will help managers scale and create maximum value in your business and teams. While I’m not going to give away all the factor’s secrets to building, growing, scaling, and driving your business and team performance here (I’d encourage you to sign up for a workshop, training tailored to your organizations needs, building teams you can be proud of).

People move businesses; Businesses don’t move people.

According to Gallup, two thirds of all employees surveyed aren’t actively engaged in their work. That’s potentially two thirds of your workforce, asleep at the wheel of your business, representing your brand at the lowest possible level of engagement. How do you think this affects your customers’ perception of your business?

So, what do you think you should do? You need to help each one of your team members understand why they’re role matters, and how their performance directly impacts the health and growth of the company, using the Factor of FocusUp to create business-wide team growth, package it and promote it.


Ken works directly with the leadership team to clarify core beliefs, key behaviors, and desired outcomes to create a Culture Playbook, challenging the leadership team to think deeply about the beliefs and behaviors that are essential to the success of the business.


Ken will teach the Factor to leaders and managers first through a series of on-site or online workshops. Following the leaders’ workshops, staff will receive Factor training. The Factor can also be taught to staff via train-the-trainer (certification) or virtual training.


Following Factor training, Ken will facilitate on-site or online workshops to teach leaders the performance drivers. Every organization, every business, every team is perfectly designed to et the results it’s getting. Effective leaders understand and manage three key performance drivers for Maximum Performance and Purpose.

Our first step is a  discover call to help me fact find and quickly get me caught up on your business and it’s structure through live Zoom Meetings. The Factor offers practical, experience-based solutions to complex problems, and is directly applicable to anyone that leads in dynamic situations. Simple and direct, yet simultaneously strategic and diplomatic.

The Factor of FocusUp; The objective is professional. The journey is always personal. Building Leaders at every Level.

Is this right for you? I look forward to our conversation together.