Personal Coaching


The FocusUp Workshop: Grab a Notebook it’s a Game Changer. This workshop is a high-impact¬†learning¬†experience

This one day intensive, interactive hands-on workshop is designed to help attendees build the skills you need for the results you want. Ken teaches you how to activate the factor in you and others to be more intentional about the way you focus, make decisions, and take action.

If you want people to perform at their best when it matters most, show them how and train them for it. Invest in the behavior skills of your people and build them up. They will build your business.

The Factor of FocusUp provides you with a system for managing your responses with intention, purpose, and skill helping people take ownership and leadership inside their twenty square feet and influence others outside their twenty square feet. An immersive experience for leaders, managers, coaches, and people who want more.

Value of the Workshop

  • Learn how to take action and make impact
  • Strengthen your mindset and resilience
  • Enhance personal ownership and leadership
  • Motivate and align employee engagement
  • Minimize negativity and BCE
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Provide a shared language
  • Build a culture of performance and more

I have successfully led, managed, and grown numerous companies to establish their selves and become more successful, and one thing is always the same no matter what, leadership is considered the Backbone and success of every organization. “Your Success is our Success”.

You can accept or reject the whole thing- everything is non-binding. So that you can win a lot but have nothing to lose.

Join FocusUp Coaching Now and Start Winning.

Strong positioning: So that your company stands out from the crowd. Don’t worry about others, take your company to the next level.¬†

Employee performance: It cannot be said often enough or strongly enough. People are the heart and soul of a company. People make the crucial difference between mediocrity and consistently high performance.

The Challenge, Be Uncommon, Equip People with a Mission of Focus, and Earn The Results You Want and Need.

Together we will figure out exactly what you need to install in your business to level up your profits, productivity, and leadership so you can earn more, have more, and do more!

What I really do for companies and individuals is “I activate this hunger in them to want to go do something bigger” To create business-wide team growth, package it, and promote it. This is hands-on training and proven, so only apply if you’re ready to do the work, promote your business and take it to the next level.

Contact me at FocusUp, I look forward to our conversation together.