Personal Coaching


System Install, 

Designed and built specifically to client needs and objectives, with the primary characteristic of Factor FocusUp that distinguishes it from other units of training is the focus of effort. A system that allows your team to operate with the guidance that the system provides and equips them with the tools they need to reach Personal Best.

System Install follows a three-step process:

Step1: Assessment 

  • Clarify performance goals and set unique goals.
  • Identify barriers and pinpoint needs.
  • Create vision and set a framework for your teams.
   Step2: Workshop
  • The Factor of FocusUp
  • Special Responses and Tactics
  • Integrating this simple, powerful system

Step3: Application

  • Progress report on your 30-day challenge.
  • Review and reconfirm the performance.
  • Pre-plan the Factor to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Create alignment and build skill and discipline.

Working with me to install this simple but powerful system that I’ve taught to thousands of teams means you get access to my experience and proven approach. This is important because you want to invest in something that won’t fade away but will keep producing the results you want and need for years to come.

I work directly with you and your team both onsite and virtually for monthly check-ins with your team to supplement the system taught.

This is a process where I am available to you and your leadership team ongoing. For planned and unplanned conversations.

The Factor is a key performance resource for building a culture of ownership and leadership, maximizing the effectiveness of individuals and teams by developing the principles and application. “S.R.A.T” special responses and tactics for immense personal and professional growth, organizational improvement and sustainment.

The performance of your business is determined by how people manage the factor, if you want people to perform at their best when it matters most, teach them how and train them for it. The difference between success and failure how people choose to respond.

Your Results

Granular understanding of the fundamental principles of Factor FocusUp Leadership and Ownership, specific skill (having tough conversations) building through experiential learning activities and creation of a detailed personal and team implementation plan.

If you want people to perform at their best when it matters most, teach them how and train them for it.

Leadership’s job is to drive execution. My job is to help build that drive in individuals and teams and equip them to do it.

Learn the strategies and set the foundation today. Programs range from 3 months – 12 months and 24 months.

I look forward to our conversation together.