Power Drainer or Power Producer


A Power Drainer-A Leader who’s indecisive, loves to complain, constantly seeks out approval and drifts through life unorganized, whether in thoughts or in actions.

Power Drainers are drifters, always talking, blaming, complaining and making excuses. They do not take ownership and leadership in what they do. Their lives and focus have no passion, urgency or purpose. They live only for themselves and – for that exact reason – they never end up getting what they want, or the people to back them up.

So they go back to complaining and feeding their inner pain with self-destructive  and damaging  behavior ripping themselves apart with a victim mentality.

A Power Producer-A Leader who is an expert of self-mastery, and focus, a decider an elite leader. Power Producers have control over their emotions, thoughts and actions.

Power Producers are self-disciplined and know when to reach out to mentors, coaches and trusted friends for help. They take care of their minds and bodies by having the right attitude, behavior and how they respond to life and work.

Most of all, they are driven by a purpose beyond themselves which pushes them to deliver greater results every day together with their team’s. They understand they’re “Why”.

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Dude, you’re a Power Producer!

You’re a high-performer, get-it-done, no-excuse-giving, leader who walks the talk, on a path of domination!

Wherever you’re at in your life and work right now—whether you run your own business or you’re working for someone else—trust me when I say you’re going to accomplish big things and earn the money and the freedom you deserve.

You should be proud of how much you’ve accomplished already, but we both know you aren’t stopping here. Your Why is Powerful!

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Right now, your behaving and attitude is like a Power Drainer…but maybe it isn’t your fault!

Maybe you’re surrounded with “friends” – “Co-Workers” who are lazy, entitled, bitter, and focused on themselves without any higher purpose in life and work.

Or maybe you were raised to think trust no one, helping others means less for you, and only the bad guys win…

…or they set a bad example by abandoning their own dreams and taking out their personal disappointment on you.

I’m giving you my personal invitation right now to hit the reset button on your life, in work and become the badass, the best version of you, hugely successful Power Producer, the Leader I know you’re meant to be.

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#1. What is the greatest factor in the success or failure of any team?


#2. The most effective way to get other people to start taking ownership and leadership, is to:


#3. If you are the leader of a team and your team doesn’t understand how what they do contributes to the overall mission, is because:


#4. Every good leader must be willing to step up and lead; but likewise, they must also be willing to:


#5. If you are working with another person or team on a project, and they don’t get their part of the project done, you should:


#6. If you have to work with someone with a giant ego, you should:


#7. While taking Extreme Ownership and Leadership is an essential quality, the most effective leadership skills are not extreme but require:


#8. When you are feeling micromanaged by your boss, the primary reason is likely:


#9. The most confident leaders: