Keynote Speaker

I’m Ken Johnson FocusUp.

If you’re looking for someone on the topic of motivation and the relentless pursuit of personal best to create a massive movement, you just found that person. My message is deeply relatable, actionable, and proven-and it’s changing lives, and working environments around the world. Whether you’re trying to motivate a team in a stadium or a dozen Fortune 10 executives in a boardroom, I will not only inspire your audience to take action, but I’ll also teach them how and prove everything I say with FACTS.

Factor FocusUp: Take Ownership and Leadership of the one thing you control, how you choose to Respond.

Pack a Punch: The Impact of Team performance.

Keynotes presentable in English and German Language. All Keynotes can be delivered via webinar or on-site. They are typically 45-90 minutes, plus a short Q&A if the schedule allows.

They truly deliver a memorable and lasting keynote that will inspire people on your organization both professionally and personally to take more Ownership and Leadership, to respond more Effectively and how attendees can apply these principles to current challenges.

Ken is a two time award winning retailer, appeared on Tv, and has been featured on major publications such as diy, bau market manager, and Baustoff praxis Magazine in Europe.

My perspective on business, leadership, and team performance continues to break new ground and produce exceptional results increasing leadership and team performance throughout organizations.

Today, Ken draws on more than 25 years’ experience in sales, management, and leadership to teach people what it takes to achieve at the highest level moving people to take action. Ken’s compelling keynote presentations and workshops are real world and action oriented, not theoretical. Ken energizes audiences, shares proven strategies, and enables people to take action and reach new levels of success.

If you are interested in learning more, we would love to speak to you.