Keynote Speaker

Activate the “Factor” in you and your teams

Ken has more than 25 years experience leading, growing, and talking to businesses, entrepreneurs, competitors, management teams, leadership groups and employees who want to get to the top, and understand the elite mindset of the best so they can apply it to their own success. Ken’s powerful presentations are designed specifically for high achievers in all fields who want to get to the next level and keep going.

In this dynamic exchange Ken does what he does best, activating the factor in people. Presentations are 45-90-minute in length and can be customized to meet specific objectives, include time for Q&A when time allows, and can be delivered in two languages, English and German.

This engaging presentation will work for ANY department, ANY organization and ANY individual looking to find another gear, activate a new level of performance, or reactivate dormant passions in people who have become complacent and comfortable.

The Goal is Simple: to send your audience back into the world with actionable tools, the confidence, and power to fully step into the leaders, change makers, and communicators your company strives to create.

Experience the compelling and impactful presentations with valuable lessons for individuals and team performance, real world and action oriented, not theoretical. Ken shares a proven strategy that enables people to take action immediately.

If you are interested in learning more, we would love to speak to you.