Keynote Speaker

Ken’s Keynotes are highly engaging presentations that equip, motivate, and inspire audiences, and the content resonates with leaders and teams in Any capacity. Everything that happens in an Organization depends on leadership, teams and the behavior of people.

Each presentation is customized to meet specific client needs addressing a current challenge; highlighting specific areas for growth and align with the general theme of the event.


Factor FocusUp: Special Responses and Tactics (S.R.A.T)

Pack a Punch: The Impact of People and Teams

Keynotes presentable in English and German Language. All Keynotes can be delivered via webinar or on-site. They are typically 45-90 minutes, plus a short Q&A if the schedule allows.

They truly deliver a memorable and lasting keynote that will inspire people on your organization both professionally and personally to take more Ownership, to respond more Effectively and how attendees can apply these principles to current challenges.

Ken is a two time retail award winning influencer, appeared on Tv, and featured in articles by diy, bau market manager, and Baustoff praxis.

My perspective on business, leadership, and team performance continues to break new ground and produce exceptional results increasing the team performance throughout organizations.

The Goal at FocusUp is to make your response stronger than any event or situation you face and to equip you with the tools to pursue the best version of you.

The Results, basic understanding of the fundamental leadership principles of Focused-driven response, Extreme Personal Ownership, and challenges for Result-driven performance, and how attendees can apply these principles to current professional and personal challenges.

With focus on people, your business can take the advantage and win the game.