Workshops & Seminars


Learn directly from Ken Johnson how to build the skills you need for the life you want. This one-day event focuses on a system that teaches you how to be more intentional, purposeful, and skillful in both your personal and professional life.


What Do You Get From Factor Training?

Attitude and Behavior is the one thing that affects everything. How you do your job, get along with coworkers, relate to clients, teach a classroom, lead a team, parent your kid, and connect with your spouse are behavior skills that can be built and improved.

A life long journey of pursuing the best version of you, and it requires consistent focus and effort. A commitment to being better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you were today.

Whether you’re in business, education, or athletics-how you choose to focus, and respond is the most powerful factor in your journey through life. Equip yourself with a tool, a proven system to help you gain clarity, create energy, and take action and earn the results you need for the outcomes you want.

Equip yourself with a time-tested, proven system to help you gain clarity, create energy, and take action to produce the best possible outcomes for the life you want.

Learn how to…

  • Sharpen your focus and manage your attention.
  • Adjust and adapt quickly in response to a rapidly changing world.
  • Prepare your response for recurring events you experience.
  • Achieve a breakthrough at The Edge and build next level skill.
  • Team better and have a positive impact on family and colleagues.

Build your capacity to…

  • Take the action you need for the outcomes you want.
  • Make decisions with courage and confidence.
  • Step up with discipline and win the moment.
  • Reduce Negativity and BCE.
  • Strengthen your resilience.

Take it from me, you want to use this system if you want better results for better outcomes in life and at work, you must take leadership and ownership of the one thing you control: How you choose to respond. We’ll show you how. And engage with other highly motivated individuals and leaders in every capacity.