Workshops & Seminars


The Factor of FocusUp Workshop

A one-day event equipping attendees with the framework and tools needed to build a culture of ownership and leadership in your response to the challenges you face in life personally and professionally.

A breakthrough in becoming the best version of you. 

The Factor is a critical resource, equipping people with the mindset and skill set to be intentional about the way they think, make decisions and take action, built on a simple, powerful framework:

Attitude + Behavior = Response 

The key to producing results for better outcomes is not the events or circumstances that people encounter, but how they choose to respond. Better results for better outcomes in your business require better responses from people. The performance of your business is determined by how people take ownership of the Factor.

Even more profound are the opportunities to engage with other highly motivated individuals and leaders in every capacity.

Do you want to be a better leader in the workplace? Do you envision yourself refining the skills needed to lead yourself and others through life in a more effective, deliberate way?

The Factor of FocusUp extends far beyond the singular definition of leadership, as there’s no one correct way to be a leader. Learn to manage your mindset and execute under pressure. Learn how to apply the Factor to maximize performance, execution and build the discipline you need for the results you want.


You are constantly making decisions through the Factor. You choose what actions you will take in pursuit of your goals. You choose whether to give up or persevere through the inevitable obstacles you will experience. You choose how to interact with people at work and family at home.

The Factor teaches skills that Ken has learned and used, managing some of the leading companies in Germany, a unique process helping individuals and teams take more ownership and leadership in how you choose to respond to the challenges you face.

My mission is to train people in the discipline they need to earn the results they want. Pursue your most meaningful objectives, personally and professionally, with intention, purpose and skill.

To align teams and accelerate results. How they bond and perform with each other to achieve something worthy. 

Learn more about Ken Johnson’s unique methodology, coaching program, and upcoming events.