Workshops & Seminars


The Factor of FocusUp 

There’s no way around it: If you want to be a successful manager who has what it takes to create great results every time, you must embody and implement key leadership qualities.

This one-day event focuses on equipping you with a simple equation built on a powerful framework, and the tools needed to strengthen the leaders and the impact of people in your organization. Whether you are in business, education, non-profit, or athletics. The Factor of FocusUp is a universal language – from Fortune 500 Business to the Educators.

The performance of your business is determined by how people manage the Factor. We will break down the Factor and work through the six disciplines necessary to maximize your Response to the events, situations, and challenges you face. You will learn how to be intentional about the way you focus, make decisions, and take action the key to producing the results you want for the outcomes you need.

On-Site Workshops

Ken himself will facilitate training at your location. This workshop is for corporations, organizations, teams that want to offer their employees, managers, leadership team a unique opportunity to take their leadership skills to a new level. It will be conducted at your site with your employees/attendees only. Accompanied with a Workbook.

Public Workshop

Open enrollment for individual and small teams to attend, for people who want more, managers, team leaders. A unique opportunity in beginning your journey to elite. Accompanied with a Workbook.

Virtual Training

When onsite training isn’t feasible our Virtual training sessions deliver the same powerful lessons and the opportunity to engage with Ken Johnson.

The Factor of FocusUp

High Emotional Intelligence as the ability to master your emotions, powerful decision making is the mark of successful managers and great coaching ability is a priceless skill.

The Factor a breakthrough and will work for any organization or individual looking to find another gear, a new level of performance, or re-activating dormant passions in people who have become complacent and comfortable. The Factor extends far beyond the singular definition of leadership, as their’s no one correct way to be a leader.

It’s true, I created a system, a simple equation built on a powerful framework for maximizing the performance of people. In this dynamic exchange Ken does what he does best, activation of the internal Factor in you and teams. Take it from me, you want to use this system.

My mission is to train people in the discipline they need to earn the results they want. Pursue your most meaningful objectives, personally and professionally, with intention, purpose and skill.

To align teams and accelerate results. How they bond and perform with each other to achieve something worthy. 

Even more profound are the opportunities to engage with other highly motivated individuals and leaders in every capacity.

Learn more about Ken Johnson’s unique methodology, and Factor of FocusUp coaching program, and upcoming events.