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Turn Your Managers into Coaches, The Factor FocusUp is a Leadership development and alignment program designed to equip attendees with the tools needed to build high performance winning teams.

A Gathering for all who want to dominate their Area of Responsibility, for Leaders at every level and those who aspire to be leaders. Ken specializes in activating the coach in the manager.

Do you want to be a better leader in the workplace? Do you envision yourself refining the skills needed to lead yourself and others through life in a more effective, deliberate way?

This one-day intensive leadership training with Ken, gives you the framework and tools to make consistent change, a training system that Ken has leveraged for decades to motivate, empower people and teams to personal best.

The Factor of FocusUp extends far beyond the singular definition of leadership, as there’s no one correct way to be a leader. Leadership training accounts for the numerous styles of leadership for different people, imparting fundamental tools for attendees to take back and apply to both their business and personal life.

The Factor teaches you skills that Ken has learned and used, leading some of the biggest companies in Germany. A unique leadership style helping individuals and teams take ownership and leadership of the one thing you control, and that is how you choose to respond.

After a one day intensive, you will be equipped with the insights and skills to step into any situation and radically improve anyone’s quality of performance.

Learn to manage your mindset and execute under pressure. Learn how to apply The Factor to maximize performance, execution, and build the discipline you need for the results you want.

A true leader inspires themselves and others to do, be, give and become more than they ever thought possible. I created this premier program specifically for the select few, like you, willing to answer the call to take ownership and lead themselves, others and your business.

A day of training and real-time skills practice, you will create an identity for yourself as a leader – someone who can help anyone, no matter what their challenge may be. If you are committed to connecting, contributing and growing as a leader in your work, your facility or in your community, The Factor of FocusUp will give you the diverse skills and insights you need to change lives anywhere.

How We Teach

On-Site Workshops: Training at your location. 

Online Workshops: Delivered live via a series of webinars.

Public Workshop: Open enrollment for individual and small teams to attend.  

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