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Factor Leadership and Team Development. Strong Leadership and An Effective Team, are The Answers! to all the problems that limit organizations from achieving their full potential. 

This one-day event focuses on a system to develop leaders, and empower people to better responses, and faster decisions. Factor-R

Whether you are in business, education, non-profit, or athletics. The Factor of FOCUSUP is a universal language – from Fortune 500 Business to parents, take your organization on a journey to the next level.

What Do You Get From The Factor Training?

Everything that happens in an organization depends on leadership, culture, and behavior. We help organizations produce better results by improving:

  • The Effectiveness of Leaders
  • The Strength of The Culture
  • The Impact of People

How you do your job, get along with coworkers, relate to clients, teach a classroom, lead a team, parent your kids, and connect with your spouse are behavior skills that can be built and improved.

Whether you’re in business, education, or athletics-how you choose to focus, and respond is the most powerful factor in your journey through life and work.

Equip yourself with a time-tested, proven system to help you gain clarity, create energy, and take action to produce the best possible outcomes for the life you want.

A simple equation built on a powerful framework maximizing the performance of people. 

A breakthrough, A Mindset and Skill set that will work for any organization or individual looking to find another gear, a new level of performance. The Factor extends far beyond the singular definition of leadership, as their’s no one correct way to be a leader.

Learn how to…

  • Sharpen your focus and manage your attention.
  • Adjust and adapt quickly in response to a changing world.
  • Prepare your response for recurring events and build next level skill.
  • Team better with colleagues at work and positive impact on family at home.

Build your capacity to…

  • Take the action you need for the outcomes you want.
  • Make decisions with courage and confidence.
  • Step up with discipline and win the moment.
  • Reduce Negativity and BCE.
  • Strengthen your resilience.

Take it from me, you want to use this system, and even more profound are the opportunities to engage with other highly motivated individuals and leaders in every capacity.