Workshops & Seminars


On-Site Workshops

Ken Johnson will travel to your location and facilitate on-site training for your team. Our Workshops provide a high-impact, interactive training experience to help your team, by equipping them with the mindset and skill set to act with discipline in response to situations they experience.

What is the value of special responses and tactics training?

  • Learn how to take action and build discipline. 
  • Strengthen your mindset and your resilience. 
  • Enhance personal engagement and ownership.
  • Minimize negativity.
  • Accelerate Change 
  • Improve productivity and efficiency. 
  • Improve communication and teamwork
  • Provide a shared language for addressing issues.

If you want people to perform at their best when it matters most, teach them how and train them for it. Invest in the behavior skills of your people and build them up. They will build your business.

Public Workshops  

Open enrollment for individuals and small groups to attend and learn. In this one-day interactive hands-on workshop Ken teaches you how to apply the Factor of FocusUp to be more intentional, purposeful and skillful in both your personal and professional life.

Ken is helping people to take ownership and leadership of the one thing you control. How you choose to respond, take action and get results.

Webinar Workshops

Adjust and Adapt in this changing World. FocusUp puts the performance of-technology to the streets, training people around the globe.

We’re able to bring teams together via webinar to facilitate their skill development in Six: 60 minute sessions and 15 minute Q & A at the end.

In All Workshops Participants receive a workbook and via webinar a digital copy of the workbook.

The way to producing great results for better outcomes is not the events or circumstances you encounter, but how you choose to respond. The Factor provides a framework of special responses and tactics (S.R.A.T), a system bringing self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-confidence to your Response.

In all workshops you will learn a system that will help people and teams build that mindset and skill set to reach Personal Best.

Even more profound are the opportunities to engage with other highly motivated individuals and leaders in every capacity.

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