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Step Up Your Leadership: One-Day Factor FocusUp WorkShop!

Embark on a transformative journey with our exclusive one-day workshop, crafted to arm you with the principles of the Factor in FocusUp and its core disciplines. Every decision you make is a Factor Focused choice-whether it’s striving toward your goals, persevering through challenges, or navigating relationships. Mastering the Factor within is pivotal in shaping your life’s path. Perfect for those eager to lay the groundwork for personal growth.

Key Highlights:

Ownership Mindset: Take charge of what you can control and liberate yourself from negative circumstances. Mindset Shifts: Embrace the Factor of FocusUp mindset cycle and reclaim control over your life. Factor Mastery: Equip yourself with the seven disciplines essential for success and personal development.

How We Teach Factor FocusUp: 

Workshops: Dive into impactful, interactive learning experiences guided by Ken Johnson FocusUp.

On-Site Workshops: Let Ken Johnson FocusUp bring the training directly to your location.

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Public Workshops & Events: Tailored for individuals or small groups seeking leadership training, team enhancement, and personal growth. Our open-enrollment public workshops offer an ideal entry point.

Event Details: 

USA, Houston, Texas: Location & Time

USA, Cleveland, Ohio: Location & Time 

Germany, Nuremberg, Bayern: Location & Time 

Flow With The Factor: Gain clarity, make informed decisions, restructure for success, and take command of the One Thing You Control.

Reach out today for further details and secure your spot in an upcoming Public Workshop. Alternatively, consider hosting a workshop within your organization to propel your team to new heights of performance!