About Ken

Ken teaches pragmatic leadership tactics and strategies to all levels of leaders, managers, and coaches in every field. The principles taught are derived from leading and managing some of the biggest companies  in Germany.

At age 12 training with the Swat Team is what triggered a great curiosity in Ken as to what distinguishes elite performers from average performers, a quest he has been pursuing ever since, a competitor who was never interested in being average, nicknamed “Magic”.

Throughout the years Ken created and implemented a system of ownership and leadership, and Now has decided, its time to start teaching his leadership methodology at scores of businesses, corporations, teams, and organizations around the world.

Real responses for real results inspiring thousands of people to take actions that have produced positive changes in business and in life. A business leader, author, speaker, and high-performance coach, he pairs an energizing message with achievable action-planning techniques.

Credibility earned by real-world business success Ken has lived and overcome the business and personal challenges many of us face.

My mission is to train people in the discipline they need to earn the results they want. Pursue your most meaningful objectives, personally and professionally, with intention, purpose, and skill.

To align teams and accelerate results. How they bond and perform with each other to achieve something worthy. 

Ken believes Nobody does anything great alone, and how you organize and implement simple skills determines how you execute in complex environments.

Ken Johnson