Who is Ken johnson

About Ken

Ken Johnson Business and Leadership Strategist for over 25plus years in the Top leading companies in Europe.

I left the USA after High School and came to Germany with 5 dollars in my pocket. I came with nothing, made it to something, and now on my way to everything. From Newspaper boy to an Award-Winning manager. Your best investment is in You.

Mission; to help trailblazing, game-changing, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers build their empire, legacy, and generational wealth.

Method; Hard hitting, high-level, strategic advisory that combines the strategies of traditional Big Companies with the cutting edge of today.

Mindset; Disruptors. True Leaders. Business athletes and aren’t afraid to do the work, put in the reps, show up and put yourself into play to play big.

I give you the understanding for what winning and leadership is about, creating the passion to become the best version of you disrupting the traditional approach. Creator, author, and a disrupter at heart with the attitude for winning.

Ken rose through the ranks in his corporate, leading teams of over 100 people, while breaking record after record, over, and over again.

Today, Ken helps entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, coaches, and athletes to dominate their field of mastery, and take their packaged assets from the spotlight to the stage. This is my dance. This is what I do.

With the right guidance, tools, and training, people and businesses who are committed to success will reach higher levels of performance, that is what inspires me.

Ken Johnson