About Ken

Ken Johnson is considered the leading authority on “Activating The Factor in You” in organizations and teams around the world. Ken defines THE FACTOR OF FOCUSUP in this context as “Attitude and Behavior is everything.” THE FACTOR OF FOCUSUP provides a simple, powerful equation for maximizing the performance of people an instinctual ability to take Ownership and Leadership in the one thing you control, and that is how you choose to respond, and have the persistence and intensity to pursue it.

Based on Ken’s unique background leading some of the biggest companies in Germany and at the age of twelve training with the Swat Team combined with his impressive ability to build a “competitive mindset” in people, uses a unique methodology equipping people to compete at the highest levels.

There’s nothing polite about The Factor of FocusUp dipped in Above the Line Attitude and Behavior all in the name of creating crushing amounts of Downforce to extract every possible morsel of performance in you, your organization and teams.

In fact, I promise you the more you put into the Factor, the more you will get out of it.

You see potential is just a source of energy that is stored until utilized and activated, but somebody or something must activate that potential in you, to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow as today, and that we will never stop getting better. Become the leader you were meant to be.

So, if you’re a man or woman and you are ready to live up to your full potential, I invite you to join FocusUp!

Ken Johnson