About Ken

Nobody does anything great alone, and how you organize and implement simple skills determines how you execute in complex environments.

For me it all started, training with the Swat Team an elite unit within a police force used for exceptional situations that require increased fire power or specialized tactics. The gateway that open my mind, introduced me to my mission, and allowed me to find my calling.

For me this isn’t a job. This is my calling. 

In my lifetime I will spend more time working than any other activity. Family and fun are everything to me. So is this work. It’s an extension of who I am.

This work — my calling, my mission — isn’t about sports or business, winning or losing.

My mission is to train people in the discipline they need to earn the results they want. Pursue your most meaningful objectives, personally and professionally, with intention, purpose, and skill.

To align teams and accelerate results. How they bond and perform with each other to achieve something worthy. 

A Front-line proven leader with experience in building, training and leading high-performance winning teams. 


My heart goes into everything I do. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

Ken Johnson