Who is Ken johnson

About Ken


Keep it Simple: The #1 key to performance is keeping it simple enough to execute well. Cut through the confusing distractions of complexity. Simple skills executed with great discipline produces powerful results.

Make it Systematic: Average performers use quotes. Good performers have plans. Elite performers execute systems in alignment with Core Values. How you organize and implement simple skills determines how you execute in complex environments. 

Focus on Timeless Truth: Leading people and teams are a challenge thousands of years old. The most important and difficult fundamentals have not changed. Prioritize principles proven across time because they are permanent and reliable.  

Where it all started. 

I first recognized my calling as a kid learning from my Dad Chief of Police, but became completely committed to it after I left the USA to live and work in Germany. I recognized three things:

1. Discipline is more reliable than talent. Disciplined people and teams perform better than just talented ones.

2. What people refer to as “intangibles” of success are very tangible and teachable.

3.  In life and in business it comes down to attitude and behavior of people, how they choose to respond to the challenges they face.

These are accurate, relevant and valuable today as back then.

With the right guidance, tools, and training, people and businesses who are committed to doing the work will reach higher levels of freedom and opportunity, and that is what inspires me.

Ken Johnson