What i Stand for

About Ken

Hello, I’m Ken Johnson, the driving force behind FocusUp. Dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to lead with purpose and live intentionally, I’ve spent a lifetime studying elite performance, and I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential.

In the mid-2000s, while leading top companies in Europe, I founded FocusUp out of a desire to understand what sets elite performers apart. Witnessing unprecedented achievements sparked my curiosity, leading me on a quest to uncover the mindset and behaviors that drive exceptional performance.

Throughout my journey, I meticulously observed, curated, and documented the patterns of elite performers. What became evident was that they operated within structured systems. This realization propelled me to delve deeper: What systems yield tangible results?

Through rigorous study, research, and real-world application, I unearthed the transformative power of The Performance Factor. The Leader within you is the most important factor, as the attitudes you adopt shape your behaviors, which in turn lead to tangible results. Armed with this insight, I crafted actionable systems to nurture exceptional leadership, empower individuals, and unleash peak performance.

This is the essence of Ken Johnson FocusUp – a commitment to analyzing personal and organizational growth through purpose-driven leadership and intentional living.

I’m a competitive person and that’s what drives me and my motto: “Factor Above Line”. FocusUp is more than a movement; it’s a lifestyle, a way of life. The question is: Are you ready?

Ken Johnson