What i Stand for

About Ken


Is to stretch you to become the best version of yourself, whether leader or business owner. You can achieve everything in life you’ve ever wanted, and you don’t need to risk your family, values, health or give up what you treasure most.

Traditionally in business as a leader we are taught quite the opposite. To run hard in business and give up everything else. I learned the hard way through a lot of pain and disappointment that it’s possible to have it all. I believe it’s all important and the only way achieve to sustainable success.

I believe it starts physically, there mentally, and ends with leadership. The question is, are you coachable? Can you be better? After all, you spend way too much time working for you to not find fulfillment in it. It’s a choice.


I pride myself in helping young leaders, young business owners, and believe in surrounding myself with like minded people who strive to get the most out of life. My training teaches young professionals how to Focus, Make Better Decisions, and Take Massive Action. I focus on giving you all the tools necessary to dominate your competition. I believe in turning decades into days by removing “can’t” out of our vocabulary completely. Time and experience mean nothing when you have the heart to persevere by learning from those that aren’t afraid to say they’ve failed and made many mistakes. It’s time to grow and focus on your potential and I’ll show you it’s possible!  For over two decades, Ken has dedicated his career to serving businesses, sports teams, and educational institutions, elevating their leadership, culture, effectiveness, and overall impact. Together we can take it to the Next Level. Be Great!

I’m a competitive person and that’s what drives me and my motto: “Factor Above Line”.  It’s a lifestyle, a way of life.

Ken Johnson